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The Turkish Van Site is dedicated to the wonderful Turkish Van cat. With its sparkling white body and color on the head and tail, this natural and old breed of cat is beautiful and unique. So kick off your shoes and stay a while as you explore these pages to learn all about the Turkish Van.

swimming Turkish van cat

PR Pairodocs Suliman the Magnificent
owned and photographed by Wilma and Jim Warburton

The Turkish Van Site has completed its move to our new home at Purehost! We have added more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), the breed standards, lots of general information about the breed and its characteristics, how to show a Turkish Van, oodles of photos, and links to other sources of information on the web. Try out the cool Turkish Van postcards. Additional features will continually be added so that we can provide a comprehensive, educational and hopefully, fun site of interest to feline fanciers everywhere.

Turkish Van cat in the snow

Pairodocs Sinatra
photo by K. Hooker

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