All About Celsha Baby Doc of Pairodocs
my first Van



Baby Doc - our first Turkish Van cat

QGC Celsha Baby Doc of Pairodocs, OS

photo by Nicole

  • Color: red tabby and white Turkish Van
  • Sex: male
  • Mother: Matabiru Judy Klein of Celsha
  • Father: Matabiru Mark Spitz of Celsha
  • Birthdate: April 4, 1988
  • Favorite Toy: stuffed tiger
  • Favorite Food: anything edible
  • Favorite Greeting: head butting
  • Favorite TV show: WWF

Baby was our first male Turkish Van; we got him at 3 months of age from Carol Van Orden (Celsha cattery).  Since our cattery was named Pairodocs, what else could we call him but "Baby Doc"?  He has produced wonderful babies since then and is still quite handsome himself.  Baby sired a litter of 9 beautiful kittens (known as the "herd of nine") in 1991 and has sired 6 Supreme Grand Champions, 2 National Winners, and 9 Regional Winners. He is the only Turkish Van in The International Cat Association to have achieved the title of Outstanding Sire (OS).

Baby is in the pedigree of most of the Pairodocs Grand Champions in both TICA and CFA and has made a major contribution to the Turkish Van breed.

Baby established a reputation for being quite an escape artist.  At one cat show, when he was 2 years old, and away from his human Mom who was across the country, he defied all attempts to keep him in his exhibition cage. How he got out was never quite determined as he was seen one minute lounging comfortably in his cage and the next he would be spotted visiting with the vendors.  Baby never tried to run away, but casually sauntered about to say hello to everyone.  He is very friendly and outgoing, so it was easy to scoop him up and return him to his cage where he would sit innocently and contentedly until his next escape opportunity arose.  Twist ties, binder clips, and various other methods were tried to secure all doors and potential escape hatches, but to no avail.  No one ever figured out how he got out of the cage. Fortunately, a vendor who was advertising escape-proof cages came to the rescue.  He had never done this before and never repeated this performance.  I like to think that he was looking for "Mom".

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