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Feel free to use any of these backgrounds or sets on your personal web pages. All I ask in return is that you acknowledge the source of the graphics ( or use one of our small banners, and link back to our site. Check back as we are slowly but surely adding to this section of the Turkish Van Site. Check out the new cat backgrounds. I hope you like them!!

Click on the name to see the background as it would appear on your page. You can save the background and the buttons to your hard drive by right clicking and saving as to your computer.


St. Pat's Day - simple shamrock design with button makes a fun background for this holiday.
Christmas - Holly as side border on a white background. Ready for the holly-days!
Christmas #2 - Lamb Chop, the Turkish Van wishes you a very merry Christmas
Christmas #3 - In this border, sweet Tony is surrounded by holly.
Christmas #4 - For those that like the embossed look - this one features holly.
Christmas #5 - Blue colors with a reindeer Turkish Van
Christmas #6 - Contented folk art style Van cat under the tree
Christmas #7 - Embossed snowflake border with matching button.
Christmas #8 - Reindeer Van on black background NEW!
Christmas #9 - Lil the Van cat sleeping in a wreath NEW!
Christmas #10 - Simple crossed candy canes NEW!

Flowers - very pretty set with a choice of buttons. Nice pastels with mostly lavender. Can use the buttons separately.

Jewels #1 - very distinctive and regal background. Features a royal purple color with green accents.
Jewels #2 - very striking red jewels set against a black background with a matching jeweled button.
Cats #1 - bordered background with featuring "IVan", the Turkish Van cat. Cream colored background with rust and navy accents.
Cats #2 - another bordered background that makes a statement. You'll say meow with this background featuring Joey, the singing Van.
Cats #3 - soft background featuring "Lady", a dilute kitten. Very pretty and delicate with a button that you can customize or use alone.
Cats #4 - for those who like embossed backgrounds. This one is in gray with a matching button featuring "Scrambler". Subdued look.
Cats #5 - surrounded by flowers, Tony sure looks like a sweetheart. Mostly in pinks with a yellow highlight.
Cats #7 - a beautiful Fairy Van Cat (our own D'Van Cat Fairy); this background will surely bring a touch of the fairy spirit to your site.
Cats #8 - cartoon cat border on solid aqua background.
Cats #9 - Turkish Van in sepia tones - nice warm hints of yellow with matching button. Features "Lil".
Cats #10 - Happy cartoon Van will brighten any web page.
Cats #11 - Black background with red and white Van make a nice contrast. Good for Halloween or anytime.
Butterflies - pretty background with lots of pastels and subtle shading. Also has two sizes of butterfly bars and some buttons. If you are interested in others, let me know.
Wild and Red - the name says it all. Also has some buttons that can go with it or alone. Click the name to see the background.




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