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How does the Turkish Van compare to other breeds? I have prepared a page that describes many of the breed's personality characteristics that you might find useful. Click here to view it.

Why do some Turkish Vans have more color on their bodies than others?  Breeding two perfectly marked Turkish Vans to each other produces a surprise in every litter. While you will likely get some perfectly marked kittens, it is common to get some that may have more color or spots on their bodies due to the random nature of the spotting factor. The size of the spots is also difficult to predict and can be fairly large (more color) to a few tiny spots. It is even possible to have kittens with no or little color on the head. White tips on the tail can also occur; this is more common out of the Turkish imports since this trait is selected out in the breeding program.

How often should I vaccinate my Turkish Van cat?  The recommended vaccination protocals were released in the 2000 report from the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Check our health page for more information.

Fisher King, a gorgeous red and white Turkish Van cat

photo of SGC Fisher King at 5 months of age by Larry Johnson

Do you have more information on the breed? Check out all of the sections in the Van Info part of this site. You will find information about their personality, feeding, color, number of cats registered, how to show a Turkish Van, their history and place of origin. If there are additional things you would like to see on this site, please let me know.

Do Turkish Vans travel well? A few Turkish Vans tend to get motion sickness, so they do not always enjoy car trips. Consult your veterinarian for ways to alleviate discomfort if your cat suffers from motion sickness. Ensure a roomy and safe carrier is available with a litter box and soft area to nap for your cat when traveling.

These FAQs were written by Karen Hooker in response to some of the common questions I have received over the years. If you have any others I should include, please let me know. Use with permission only, please.


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