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Please contact us if you are interested in adding a Turkish Van kitten to your family. Deb and I do have a few kittens available that are looking for a loving family to live with. They have awesome personalities and a lifetime of devotion to give!

There are a couple of very promising kittens available for a discriminating breeding program and also have nice show potential.

If you have been waiting for a Turkish Van kitten or an older companion - why wait any longer? We have a few very nice kittens and they will be great companions for a lifetime of love! Fully vaccinated and healthy.

Also, if you are interested in showing a Turkish Van or in becoming a CFA breeder, we would be happy to provide advice and mentor you in this challenging, yet fun, endeavor. Since we are currently placing some of our cats, we have a very few older proven cats who would be a nice asset to the right breeding program.


Youngsters Available to Go to a New Home:

Our litter for this year - all black and white kittens with amber eyes - are ready to go to their new homes. They have just finished up their vaccinations and have been spayed and neutered. Friendly and lots of fun plus strikingly attractive. Please e-mail us for more pics and info.

2009August14- kittens2 (31K)

Also looking for a perfect home for these two young neutered boys who we would like to place together if at all possible.

2009_March-teddy-sm (20K)
2009_March-duo4sm (36K) 2009_March-duo5sm (26K)

Please note - if you cannot pick up your kitten in person, shipping by air is difficult or darn near impossible in the summer months or during extreme cold temperatures. Pets can not be shipped with temperatures over 85 degrees; but generally fall, winter and early spring here the conditions are favorable for shipping. If you must have a kitten shipped, schedules must be carefully planned so that there is no risk of high or cold temperatures en route, so be patient. Also, kittens must be old enough to handle the stresses inherent with air travel. So we do not ship 6-10 week old kittens!

Information you should know before getting a kitten. Please read through this for general information on acquiring a Turkish Van kitten.

If you are interested in an older kitten, young adult, or retired show cat - don't forget to check out our older companions page! Great kitties looking for a purr-fect home.

Are you looking for an addition to your Turkish Van breeding program? As we are placing out many of our cats, we do have a very few cats that would make excllent additions to a reputable breeding program. Check here for any breeding cats available for a conscientious breeder.

Send us an e-mail to find out more about our kittens. If you are interested in providing a young adult or retired show cat with lots of love and affection, click here to see who is available for a loving new home.

To see what other kittens may be available, check out Deb's site and the Vhantoms site.

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