All About Lil
the Sweetie


Lil - tortie and white Turkish Van cat

GP/CH Pairodocs Lil

photo by Larry Johnson

I am a little girl. When I was a kitten my human Mom kept trying to wipe my black markings from the corners of my eyes (imagine!). I have the sweetest face (not that I am conceited, mind you) - and I never do anything wrong :-)

  • Color: tortie and white Turkish Van
  • Sex: female
  • Mother: Pairodocs Meredith
  • Father: CH/RW QGC Pairodocs Bertrand Russell
  • Birthday: October 12, 1998
  • Favorite Food: I really like just about anything, but roasted chicken is great.
  • Pet Peeve: having to put up with my half-brother Tony
  • Favorite Toy: I love to fetch and retrieve. I can do it for hours and hours. I prefer paper balls, but furry mice will do.
  • Favorite Mischief:  Nesting in freshly dried and folded clothes (after rearranging them suitably)
  • Favorite Sleeping Spot: A nice warm lap.


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