All About Milas
the Observer


Milas the Turkish Van cat

GC Pairodocs Milas

photo by Hammond

I do not like having my picture taken, except by my Mom


  • Color: red tabby and white Turkish Van
  • Sex: male
  • Mother: Katamiran Annabelle
  • Father: GC/TGC Pairodocs Piano Man
  • Favorite Food: toilet paper, kleenex, and paper towels - I need my fiber!
  • Pet Peeve: getting my picture taken - that lens is scary
  • Favorite Type of Music:  NPR, I prefer talk radio
  • Favorite toy: I'd rather watch the others play - silly cats...I am way too cool for such nonsense.
  • Favorite Mischief:  Pulling all of the kleenex out of a new box - that's the best.
  • Favorite Sleeping Spot: my tent


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