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The internet contains a wealth of information about Turkish Vans and cats in general. We have included a few links here to get you started on your exploration. By the time you are through, you will have learned much about this breed from fanciers across the globe. If you would like additional information, please send us an e-mail; we'll be happy to help.

Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)

The Turkish Van Breed Council web page (CFA) - All the historical data on Vans in CFA since they were accepted in 1994.

Home of The International Turkish Van Cat Club (ITVCC)

Vantastix Cat Club CFA's Turkish Van breed club

The International Cat Association (TICA)

Fanciers Breeder Referral List
See GC Pairodocs Harlequin Dancer's picture on the breed description!  Lists of U.S. breeders and their web pages.

Turkish Van Sites - click on the site name

Pairodocs Turkish Vans Deb's pages with more information on Turkish Vans

Vhantoms Turkish Vans nice cat graphics and interesting geographical references on the Vans

Turkish Van Rescue purebred Turkish Van cats that have been rescued and need to be rehomed

Chianti's page Pairodocs Chianti has his own web page. What a great guy :-)

Cats of Karnaki Neat pictures of their Turkish Vans and other cats in South Africa

Vantasia Classic Turkish Van Association in England

"The Beast of Bala"  Could this really be a Turkish Van :-)

Vangora - Finland great pedigree resource and lots of pictures of beautiful Vans

Svampens Home Page lovely pictures of their beautiful Turkish Van cats

Safkan Kedis Visit Pernille's lovely Vans in Denmark

Glasbach Cats Visit Beate's lovely Vans

Kipir Kipir Visit Ricky's lovely Vans in the Netherlands

Cumraden Cattery Visit Margot's cats in the Netherlands

Desert Jewel Cats Visit Linda's Birmans and Vans

Vankkadia Cats Visit Erika's LaPerms and Vans

Beautiful Lake Van in Turkey

a photo of Lake Van in Turkey

General Cat Sites - click on the site name

The Directory Of Cat Web Sites includes all breeds

El Sham's Cat Pages lots of interesting stuff

Animal Related Links general links on a variety of topics

The Cat Cafe information about cats and the different cat breeds

Adopt a Flea these don't bite!

Action Cat Cards some really neat animated cat post cards

KittySites lots of links to all of the cat breeds

FCC of Victoria this Australian site has information on all the breeds

Absolutely Cats lots of links to breeders and other cat sites

I Love Cats big site with lots of information about cats

Fancy Cat site with general cat information that is fun to visit

Hi, I'm Baby Doc, a male Turkish Van


QGC Celsha Baby Doc of Pairodocs, OS - our foundation male

Click here to learn more about Baby