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Occasionally, we have older kittens, retired show cats or breeders available for adoption at a reduced cost to a wonderful home. These cats will have lived with us for their entire lives. While these cats are not kittens, they have a lifetime of love and devotion to offer the right family. Some are placed for the costs of altering, vaccinations, and expenses while others may be a bit more. Generally these are placed between $200 and $350 depending upon the cat and will have a complete medical history available for them. E-mail us for specific information and what type of kitty you are looking for or if you are interested in adopting an older Turkish Van or a kitty with special needs.

We will periodically list Turkish Vans that we are helping to rehome for others, rescues, or to help out people who need to place their cats for whatever reason. Some of these may be special needs cats, require a patient friend, or have medical needs. For any cat who has not been in our home for their entire lives - there will be an unknown element to their backgrounds.

Adopting an older kitten or young adult can be very rewarding but there are certain things that you should consider and be potentially prepared for when you bring home your new cat. Click here for important information if you are considering adopting an older cat or kitten.

Older but Still Young :-) Companions Who Need Love and a Purr-fect Home

"OLIVER" Handsome and wonderfully supersoft boy with soulful amber eyes. He is large, striking in appearance, and a perfect example of a Turkish Van. He is quiet, likes to be around the family, plays with his toys, and hang around with the family. Very nice with other animals and an all around great healthy happy cat! Oliver is not an extroverted cat nor a lap cat. He is a year and a half and neutered.

awesome Turkish Van boy

REHOMING - TEXAS We placed two cats who we want to find new homes for in the near future. They were rescued and are currently in foster care in Texas. If you have the patience and love in you to care for one or both of these young adult girls (four years), I believe you will be rewarded with a devoted friend. But it will be a slow process. They are red and white and black and white and very nicely marked; with odd eyes. Both were very friendly and nice natured cats when placed, though in the course of their over three years in another environment, they have become tentative and not very social. We have had them both spayed. Their dear foster is working with them, and hopes to have them ready to go in the near future. Please contact us for contact information - serious inquiries only.

For more information or to inquire about adopting an older Turkish Van or a special needs kitty, please e-mail:

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