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purple pinAbout Us (all about Pairodocs Turkish Vans)

Our Breeding Philosophy

Our years of experience with and contributions to the Turkish Van cat

The major lines that we work with

Cat show successes and Grand Champions :-)

purple pinTurkish Van Information

Characteristics of the Turkish Van (personality traits are here)

Turkish Van Colors

Origins of the Turkish Van (pop up window)

History of the Turkish Van (go here to see any news articles on the Turkish Van)

Care and feeding

Health Considerations - including AAFP vaccination recommendations

Showing your kitten or cat

Preparing your Turkish Van for stardom

What to take with you to the cat show

What happens at the cat show

Breed Statistics - or how many Turkish Vans are there?

The Cat Fanciers Association Breed Standard - (links to CFA site)

The International Cat Association Breed Standard

purple pinMeet the Cats

Individual Profiles - info about each cat, a large picture and music that captures their personality

Meet Baby Doc, our foundation male

Meet Piano Man, the cool Van

Meet Sidekick, the accomplice

Meet Milas, the observer

Snapshots - photos of Vans in action, plus photos sent in by visitors and friends - (most recent on later pages**)

Snapshots - page 1

Snapshots - page 2

Snapshots - page 3

Snapshots - page 4

Snapshots - page 5

Snapshots - page 6

Snapshots - page 7

Snapshots - page 8

Snapshots - page 9

Snapshots - page 10

Snapshots - page 11

Snapshots - page 12

Snapshots - page 13

Snapshots - page 14

Snapshots - page 15

Snapshots - page 16

Snapshots - page 17

Hall of Fame - some of the more well known cats of Pairodocs

Tributes - a memorial to our devoted friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

purple pinKittens and Young Adults

turkish van kittens

See the babies

Information on getting a kitten

Older companions that are looking for a good home

What you should know before adopting an older cat

purple pinFAQs - three pages of answers to the most popular questions

purple pinResources - links to other information about Turkish Vans, cats, and fun

purple pinFun Stuff

Send a Turkish Van postcard (cool)

Our Experiments with Graphics



Turkish Van Site banners for your web page

Turkish Van Folk Art - original drawings of whimsical Van cats; 4 pages!

Non-cat photography

golf - our photos at the Masters golf tournament

nature scene

purple pinWhat's New - check here for our latest grands and other exciting news

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Join the Turkish Van Web Ring

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