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Note: To ensure that our visitors are not confused about what a Turkish Van looks like, we are restructuring this section of the site. We are happy to see your photos of your babies, but will not be making any new postings to these pages for a while.

Welcome to "Snapshots", our gallery of Turkish Van and Van-alike cat photos. What is a Van alike? That is our term for a kitty that looks very much like a purebred Turkish van, but who does not have pedigreed ancestors. They will be van patterned, semi-long haired cats just like their purebred cousins. This section really expanded thanks to our visitors who have sent in the wonderful pictures of their cats. We have photos of cats from around the world. These include both the purebred Turkish Van and those that look a lot like one. Make sure to check out all of the pages as we continually add new photos as they are sent to us. We are now up to 17 (WOW) pages of wonderful photos of a variety of beautiful Turkish Vans and Van-alikes. Please ask for permission before use of any of the photos in this section.


Do you have a Turkish Van or van-alike? We would love to feature their picture here.** see Note ** Please send us their digital file in a .jpg format (please keep overall photo size less than 20KB). I will not use blurry photos and don't have the time to do major editing to them. Remember, this is a site about Turkish Van cats, so if you would like your kitty featured here - it must be a purebred or look a lot (van patterned and semi-longhaired!) like a Turkish Van. Please include a few lines about your cat and we'll add it to our site in our next update. We do not post kittens or cats for sale here.

** NOTE: We are not currently posting any new photos.

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