A Turkish Van Photo Gallery

Madison - what a cutie!

This is Pairodocs Madison. She is a red tabby and white female owned by Kris and David Dempsey. She loves reading the mail.


Bill the sleeping Van

This is Pairodocs Wild Bill. He looks so peaceful!!


cream and white Turkish Van

This is Pairodocs Atomic City Scrambler. He is a cream and white male owned by Mac Westbury. He lives up to his name and this is a rare shot of him not in motion. Scrambler is TICA's Best Turkish Van for 1998.


mom and baby Turkish Vans

This is Catamaran Annabelle (bred by Dolores Roper) showing her baby Bill how much fun it is to explore the forbidden territory of the countertops.  Both Anna and Bill are odd-eyed.


Ivan and Scottie

This is SGC Pairodocs I Van the Terrible enjoying a little beauty sleep on friend Scottie's lap before being called up for judging. Wish we could relax that much at a cat show!


Vanna and MacVanna-female Turkish Van

This is Pairodocs Vanna Sheba. In the photo on the left she is 4 months old, enjoying her comfy perch (friend Mac's head) where she has a bird's eye view of everything.  The photo on the right shows a grown up Vanna today. She is owned by Dianne Davis.


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