Snapshots XI - More of our friends
A Turkish Van Photo Gallery

This page contain pictures of lovely Van-alike (cats that are marked similar to a Turkish Van) kitties.


This is "Selene" - she was found by Patti and Tim in Baltimore when she was about 1 year old. They say that everything is a cat toy--we have to keep our toilet paper in tupperware. Selene especially loves toy mice, and of course they all end up beneath our sofa. Selene is intensely curious and enjoys being the center of attention.


Here is "Harley". She is about a year old and resides with two Pomeranians and Patrick and Regina in Virginia.


This is "Mickey". He was found as a stray and loves to play in the small stream behind his owner, Craig's house and catch small fish to eat.


This is "Merlin" who was adopted from the animal shelter. He is playful, invents his own games if the other two cats won't play with him, and has been known to catch things in mid-air. He loves to play in the sinks, especially trying to supervise when his owner Ann is in the kitchen.


This is "Charlie". He adopted his Mom, Stephanie, a few years ago on Christmas. Charlie loves to play in his water bowl.

pogo - van-alike

This is Pogo - a Van patterned domestic shorthair who looks like he is all packed for a big trip. He is pampered by owner, Carolyn.



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