Snapshots II - Friends
A Turkish Van Photo Gallery

Since we started this web site, we have received lot of photos from people featuring their purebred Turkish Van or their Van-alike kitty. We will rotate those pictures through these pages so you can see more of the wonderful cats. .

This is Edward enjoying the view. He is 5 months old and weighs about 8 pounds. Edward is a Van-a-like and was adopted from the animal shelter and enjoys his new feline companions and German shepard puppy. He lives with Michael and Beverly Corr in Florida.

Arctissimo's Amber Van

This is Arctissimo's Amber Van when he was a baby. He is now a beautiful Turkish Van adult and is owned by Tineke Van Harrewijn in Holland.


This is Ancris Almadhi at 1 year old. He is patiently waiting for the water to be turned on so he can play. Ancris is a Turkish Van and owned by Ailie Leaman .

This is Pairodocs Rip Van Winkle (aka "Ripper") enjoying the beautiful flowers. He is a Turkish Van and owned by Betsy and Tom Parker in Tennessee.




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