Snapshots IV - Friends
A Turkish Van Photo Gallery

Here are more of the purebred Turkish Van and "Van-alike" friends we have met. Aren't they beautiful?


Here are Calvin and Casey at 8 months of age. These handsome brothers are owned by Jody Fabris of Hayward, California. Don't they look comfortable?

This is Pairodocs Jethro. He lives in Texas with Debbie and Stephan Smith. Jethro is a svelte 16 pounds and loves the sound of his voice :-)

Here are Lucy (left) and Valentine (right). They are imports from Turkey and from the looks of these photos they really have it tough <LOL>. Valentine was a Valentine's Day present to Suzanne Marsh from her husband. What a wonderful surprise!!

These sweet Turkish Van babies owned by Ole Madsen in Denmark. They are three months old. Cute!!

This is Jesse "the Tail" at 6 months old. His nickname came not only from his beautiful big tail but the expressive way he uses it. Jesse lives with Dana Parker.




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