Snapshots VII- More Great Pictures
A Turkish Van Photo Gallery

Here are more of the purebred Turkish Van and "Van-alike" friends we have met.

This is "Patches". He and his female friend were adopted at the animal shelter by their new loving owner, Beth. Patches loves to play fetch with his toy mouse and has silky soft fur.


This is "Pascal" at 8 months of age. He is now 3 and a wonderful kitty. Pascal lives with Sarah in Vanderhoof BC Canada.


This is "Babe". This lucky and lovely lady was rescued from starvation and near death when she was about 10 years old. She is much loved and pampered by her rescuer, Randy, in Tennessee.

fireball the van

This is "Pairodocs Fireball". He really lives up to his name, doesn't he? This handsome boy is a year old and is well loved by Sheila in South Carolina.

khagan the van

This regal looking lady is Khagan. She was rescued by Tom from the animal shelter as a kitten and has blossomed into a beautiful cat. She is vocal and very affectionate.

nikita the van

This pretty Turkish Van girl is officially named Supayas Salaya, but goes by "Nikita". She is a year old, loves to play fetch and catch goldfish in the pond. Nikita lives with Sharon and Julius in South Africa.



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