Snapshots VIII- How Our Gallery Grows
A Turkish Van Photo Gallery

Here are more of the purebred Turkish Van and "Van-alike" friends we have met.

Titian -red/white Turkish Van Titian in flight

Here is "Titian" as he is known by his friends. A handsome fellow, Titian is one year old and displays his athletic prowess in wall tennis in the photo on the right. He lives with Graham and Jackie in South Africa.


Abby - red/white Turkish Van

This is pretty Abby looking quite comfortable. Abby and her sister Pepper are year old Turkish Vans and live with Melanie and Masa in Massachusetts. They are thoroughly spoiled and enjoy playing with a variety of toys and getting belly rubs.

Brown tabby and white Turkish Van alike female

This is the lovely "Pussa". She owns two humans, Lee and Bettina, and lives in Armidale NSW Australia. Her favourite past-time is drinking from the tap in the bath-tub and sleeping under the blankets in between her humans.

red and white Turkish Van - Toffee

This is "Toffee" looking quite comfortable. This beautiful girl is not a morning kitty and enjoys sharing her human's pillow and sleeping in. Toffee lives with Lilea in Sydney, Australia

black and white Turkish Van female

This is "Mimi", a black and white girl, striking a pose. This very attractive kitty is gentle and affectionate. She enjoys water from the bathtub faucet and playing with feathers and string. She lives with Eleanor in Colorado.



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