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This section is dedicated to our wonderful feline companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We will never forget them. The candle burns eternal in our hearts in memorium for them. We would be honored to include your friend in the tribute section. Please e-mail us their photo and your dedication to them.

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Tito was a lovely friend to owner Pam Orr and crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 16. He is missed very much. Pam says this of him: "No one could have had a better companion for sixteen years. I doubt there will be another "Tito". I am grateful to have had him in my life for so long. I am not quite the same without him".

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This is Lacey. She was owned by Barb and Penny in Connecticut. Lacey was the inspiration for their interest in the Turkish Van. She obviously loved wading in the water, liked to go canoe fishing with Barb, ate an occasional shoelace, and liked to sit on the roof. Although Lacey was only with them for a year, Penny and Barb miss her very much.

candle.gif Oscar candle.gif


Oscar was adopted as an adult from the Humane Society by Robert and Kylie in California and they never regretted it for a moment. He was very loving and enjoyed head butts and baths with his favorite human. "Oscar was very devoted to us - it was a great feeling to know we were special to him." He was much loved and missed very much.

candle.gifOreo candle.gif


Oreo was adopted as a kitten and lived in Switzerland with his owner Susanna. She says this of Oreo: "He was my all-time favorite cat ever - very, very clever, playful, demanding, stubborn but also very loving and people-oriented. I always said that he was a dog in a cat's body - running to the door when the bell chimed to see who is coming, plopping on their feet, "asking" to be petted, retrieving the stocking balls I used to make for him and bringing them back to me."

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