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The Turkish Van is an ancient and natural breed believed to have originated in the eastern part of Turkey which is also known as Eastern Anatolia. Because they were "discovered" by two Englishwomen (Sonia Halliday and Laura Lushington) in the 1950s near Lake Van, they were named the Turkish Van cats. Since that time, cats of other breeds that exhibit the classic pattern of a Turkish Van (i.e., color primarily on the head and tail) have been called "van patterned". There is a lot more to learn about these cats - you can start by looking through this section of my site.

Piano Man's big yawn

This is Piano Man (l) in mid-yawn (yes, he can open his mouth even wider!!) with Lil (r) looking suitably unimpressed.

This section of the Turkish Van Site contains information on the personality and physical characteristics of the Turkish Van, their care, a showing guide, as well as the breed standards, their history and origins. You can also read some recent articles related to the Turkish Van in the history section. In addition, many of the common questions about Turkish Vans are answered in our FAQs pages on this site.

Categories in the "Turkish Van Information" section:

ball Characteristics of the Turkish Van

ball Turkish Van colors, pattern, and eye color

ball Origins of the Turkish Van (another browser window will open)

ball History of the Turkish Van UPDATED!!

ball Care and feeding

ball Health Considerations NEW!!

ball How to Show Your Turkish Van

ball CFA Breed Statistics UPDATED!!


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