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NEWS!! TGC,CH,RW Pairodocs Mephisto featured on the cover and inside the June 2009 Cat Fancy magazine!!!

cf2009 (88K)

OK, the cover picture is sort of small, but a cover is a cover plus a larger photo is inside with a short article about Turkish Vans. Pick up the June 2009 issue to learn more about Turkish Vans (and to see our handsome lad, Mephisto!)

This site is owned by Karen Hooker, Pairodocs Turkish Vans. Since 1988, Deb Hayes and I have been working to promote the breed making us the most experienced (I hesitate to say oldest!) breeders in the United States. We are dedicated to preserving these distinctive van patterned cats and maintaining the health and integrity of the breed. During this time, we have seen the popularity of the Vans increase and we are proud of our contributions to their health, welfare, and genetic diversity. Our cats have also done pretty well in cat shows over the years, with 41 Grand Champions/Premiers in CFA and 13 Supreme Grands plus 37 Grand Champions/Alters in TICA -- more than any other breeder in the history of TICA!! We have produced the only Outstanding Sire and Dam Turkish Vans in TICA (six!) as well as the only International top 20 winners (two!) and the only Turkish Van Lifetime Achievement Award winner. In CFA, we had the very first Grand Champion and the first Distinguished Merit Turkish Van.

But enough of our bragging :-)) - if you would like to learn more about us check out the About Us pages. We developed this site not to brag about our cats (too much :-) but to educate people about our favorite breed of cat. If you can't find the information you are looking for here, be sure to drop us a line. We'd love to talk with you!

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Want to know how many Turkish Vans have been registered and in what colors? You can find the answer on our updated statistics page in the Van Info section. Also under the Van Info - I've got 4 pages on the ins and outs of showing a Turkish Van. Have you ever seen Turkish Van folk art? Well click here to see my artistic attempts!

Also a gentle reminder. I have put a lot of hard work and love into writing the information for and developing this site. As such, all content is copyright exclusive of specific photographic or other acknowledged copyrights.

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cat and bowlCat Show Updates

Some of Our Recent Grand Champions: New!!

2008-09 Show Season

started in May 2008

GRP Pairodocs Ryelle
cream and white male
became a Grand Premier on November 29, 2008

CH Pairodocs Melek, DM
cream and white female
earned the title of Distinguished Merit on November 29, 2008

GP Pairodocs Astarael
cream and white female
granded in July 2008

GP Pairodocs Sanar
cream and white male

2007-08 Show Season

SGC, SGCA, GRC, GRP, RW, Pairodocs Odysses "Odie"
red tabby and white male
another title for Odie!! This time a Grand Premier.

CH, GP Pairodocs Quiana, DM "Kiki"
dilute tortie and white female
earned her Distinguished Merit in CFA on July 7, 2007 and then became a Grand Premier in August!

CH Pairodocs Crystal Singer, DM
dilute tortie and white female
Kiki's daughter! also earned her Distinguished Merit in CFA on July 7, 2007

GP Pairodocs Tijeras
red tabby and white male
granded in CFA on July 7, 2007

GP Pairodocs Cochiti
red tabby and white male
granded in CFA on January 27, 2008

2006-07 Show Season

GP/GCA Pairodocs Vahagn
cream and white neutered male
granded in CFA on March 31, 2007

GC Pairodocs Coral
cream and white female
granded in CFA on March 31, 2007

Pairodocs Betty Boop, DM
tortie and white female
earned her Distinguished Merit in CFA on 2-10-07

GP Pairodocs Talladega
red tabby and white neuter
granded on 2-10-07 in CFA

DGCA GP Pairodocs Hillary
Hillary a beautiful turkish van cat female
red tabby and white spay
granded on 1-27-07 in CFA and 7-30-06 in TICA

GRC, RW Pairodocs Franco, OS
GC RW Pairodocs Franco OS (10K) turkish van cat

cream and white
A New Outstanding Sire!! Only the Second Van in TICA and his dad was the first!

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